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Hi there! I'm so glad you're here.


My artwork stems from a place of freedom, possibility, and learning to move towards the truest version of myself. From the bold strokes of the paintbrush to the textures on the canvas, each piece conveys a story and expresses what words can't.


Always highly observant, I am especially interested in the ways our unique environments inform our identity. I enjoy playing with juxtaposition and contrast within my work. It makes me think about how we all hold many different, sometimes opposite, attributes that can exist all at the same time.

Untitled design (19) copy_edited.png


I am inspired by all sorts of things: the order and chaos of nature (particularly the Canadian prairies where I grew up), patterns and textiles, the movement of music, conversations, architecture, graphic design, and memories from childhood. Drawing from the shapes, lines, patterns, and feelings observed in both natural and urban settings, I aim to communicate a sense of curiosity, growth, and momentum balanced with contentment and grounding.


I believe we should always be on the lookout for things that light us up. Here are a few of mine!

Alyson Borycki_Dance With Me_24x24 inches_acrylic on cradled panel_$750.jpg


I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I received my degree in Education. I was an elementary school teacher before relocating to Toronto, Ontario. I am a summer baby and a nature lover. My favourite childhood memories were spent at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, watching sunsets, canoeing, and being in the water.


My current life in Toronto leaves me missing the wide-open spaces of the prairie landscape, the endless sky, the meandering rivers, and the rugged wilderness of the north. All of these natural elements of chaos and calm find their way onto the canvas.



Alyson Borycki. Artist.

Currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Toronto, ON.  July 2024.

Artist Project

Toronto, ON.  April 2024.

One of a Kind Spring Show

Toronto, ON.  March 2024.

The Anndore House, Artist in Residence

Toronto, ON.  January 2024.

Wall Candy NOIR

Ottawa, ON.  November 2023

ArtWalk in the Square

Toronto, ON.  September 2023.

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Toronto, ON.  July 2023.

Art Gallery of Hamilton: ‘AGH Art Sale’  (group show)

Hamilton, ON.  April/May 2023.

Petroff Gallery: 'Black & White' (group show) 

Toronto, ON.  April 2023.

Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair 

Toronto, ON.  April 2023.

Wall Candy NOIR

Ottawa, ON. October 21-22, 2022.

Artwrk Gallery: 'BOTH/AND'  Solo Show September 23-29, 2022.

Square Foot Show August 11-13, 2022.

Blue Crow Gallery: 'Summer Group Show'

Toronto, ON. July 8 -September 9, 2022.

Rosedale Art Fair

Toronto, ON. June 11-12, 2022.


Butter Gallery: 3-Person Show

Collingwood, ON. May 2022.

Artwrk Gallery: ‘Tondo’  (group show) April/May 2022.


Art Gallery of Hamilton: ‘AGH Art Sale’  (group show)

Hamilton, ON.  April/May 2022.


Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair

Toronto, ON.  April 2022.


Arta Gallery: ‘Modern Women’  (group show)

Toronto, ON. March 2022.

Westland Gallery: ‘Square Foot Show’  (group show)

London, ON. November/December 2021.


Kefi Art Gallery: ‘Approaches to Abstraction’  (group show)  September/November 2021.


Arta Gallery: ‘Urban Edgy’  (group show)

Toronto, ON.  August/September 2021.


Riverdale Art Walk (group show)

Toronto, ON.  August/September 2021.


Artwrk Gallery: ‘Summer Highlights’  (group show)  July/August 2021.

Butter Gallery: ’36 x 36 Show’  (members show)

Collingwood, ON. June/July 2021.


Arta Gallery: ‘Local Charm’  (group show)

Toronto, ON. June/July 2021.


Kefi Art Gallery: ‘Summertime Memories’  (group show)

Toronto, ON.  May/July 2021.


Art Gallery of Hamilton: ‘AGH Art Sale’

Hamilton, ON.  April/May 2021.


Artwrk Gallery: ‘FRESH Emerging Artists Exhibition’  (group show)  January 2021.



Arta Gallery

Distillery District
14 Distillery Lane
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

(416) 364-ARTA (2782)


Blue Crow Gallery
1610 Gerrard St E

Toronto, ON M4L 2A5

(647) 427-2400


Petroff Gallery
1016 Eglinton Ave W

Toronto, ON M6C 2C5

(416) 782-1696


Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King Street West
Hamilton, ON L8P 4S8
(905) 527 6610 x 273

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