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A note from Alyson...

Abstract art is funny. It's kind of hard to describe because it is So. Many. Things. All at once.  It's colour, and feeling, and layers, and shapes, and stories.


I created this collection after a somewhat rough start to the year. I needed a way to feel at home again in the studio and a way to just play, unrestrained by anything. I needed to let all the feelings (and hang ups) work themselves out on the canvas. I mean, this is nothing new for me, but it felt extra important this time.


What has resulted is definitely inspired by the same as my usual work - graphic design, architecture, colour (OBVS), conversations, landscapes, etc. etc.  BUT I have noticed a few new marks and techniques and colours that feel fresh and free. We still see the usual marks of past work (hello curves and wonky shapes!) but with an evolution of new perspectives and ideas that add some fun energy to the work.


For me, making art is always about finding what brings me alive and finding my way towards the truest version of myself. It has to be that.


I hope it speaks to you and that you find what you need within it. Thank you for being along for the ride!

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